MoviePlayerExample "don't know how to handle video/x-h264"


I’m trying to run the 0.062 MoviePlayerExample on Ubuntu 11.04, but I get a message: don’t know how to handle video/x-h264 and GStreamer/ofVideoPlayer errors saying the video is not loaded.

It probably has to do with a newer FFMPEG (red that somewhere on the forum), but I don’t want to use 0.07 from Github, because I would like to make my 0.062 video projects work on 11.04 and those are not compatible with 0.07.

Is there any way to make older video projects work on Ubuntu 11.04?



have you tried opening the video with totem, the default media player? that will install the needed codecs


I just discovered that this topic is not very suitable for the “examples” section. Sorry about that, I was a bit tired :stuck_out_tongue:

I did try to open the video with Totem it says: “No packages with the requested plugins found” and then it mentions H264 decoder.

The weird thing is that VLC works fine.

Thanks a lot!


Alright! I googled the Totem error and found this:

It tells you to delete whatever is in ~/.gstreamer-0.10 and after that the video plays in Totem and the example functions fine.

Grt, Fako