Using Dec-C++ when I go to compile movieGrabberExample, it says:
Cannot find -lhighgui
ID returned 1 exit status.
Error 1

Any ideas?

hi chris,

is this from the release version 0,01, a workshop version, or something that was modified?


ps: the error is a link error, meaning, dev-c++ can’t find the library you have added (highgui)…

you need to either specify the path (ie, -l …/…/libs/opencv/highGui)
or to make sure that you put the opencv libs in the right dev-cpp folder (c:/dev-cpp/…) . I recommend that you link locally.

The next question is, how did highgui get into your project? In the next version we will include opencv in the path (locally) so you should have less problems to work with opencv, although we will skip highgui, because it’s just doing stuff that OF does already: windows, loading images, movies, video grabbing, etc…

take care,

Oops that would be it, thanks. I had followed this guide to installing the opencv libraries, but i’m better off waiting for 0.02 ofw integration.…–wiki.html