movie player DIVX

Is there any possibility to play different code video pack? Divx is wonderful , and I think , could be good resource to add at OF.

I’m lost how do it… How we can add this code pack? Here says to use divx code pack installed and then play it with diretshow.

It’s good point?


currently the video player uses quicktime (and ffmpeg on linux), and as such, is dependent on whatever quicktime can play.

there is some sample code online around for using direct show to play video but we´ve never really used to often (Since quicktime is pretty good at this) – google “directshow opengl”. When I have some time, I’ll take a look too.

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Just I am trying to use QT with better use to make full screen video using a heavy video… I’m looking better perform to do it… any suggestion? if you can see

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Hmmm, I just noticed this post…

Just for the record, OF on Linux has always been able to play back Divx…
The FOBS player was slow but with the new GStreamer player this should be much better…

Look here ->
for a modified Quicktimeplayer, its 25% faster but only works on INTEL Mac or PC.
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