movie.isPlaying() returning inconsistent values


I was wondering if anyone’s experienced isPlaying() for a video to return inconsistent values. In my case even if the video is playing (i can actually see it running), cout’ing movie.isPlaying() returns false in the update loop.

I start the video on a key press


Restarting the video several times like this gives true or false from time to time when the video is playing.
What would another workaround be to see if the video is done playing?

I’m on Windows with OF 0.9.8


It seems that if I start the app with:


and then on key press perform a:;

the app sometimes thinks that the video is not playing (isPlaying() returns false), even though it’s actually being played.

If I start the app with movie being in setPaused(true) state - it gives me a ‘true’ on movie.isPaused() in the update cycle. And then if I do:


on key press, I get the correct responses for the following line all the time.

cout << movie.isPlaying() << " " << movie.isPaused() << " " << movie.getIsMovieDone() << "\n";

So all in all, I have to start on Paused, not Stop for it to respond correct to isPlaying.