Mouth tracking with ofxFaceTracker

Is ofxFaceTracker able to track just the bottom half of a face, or any single feature, if the other features are obscured? How might I go about replacing the existing models to accomplish this?

hello @marsman12019, I’ve worked on something really similar some months ago

To track the mouth, you can use something like

ofxFaceTracker tracker;
ofPolyline mouthProfile = tracker.getImageFeature(ofxFaceTracker::OUTER_MOUTH);

You can find an implementation in this method ofApp::grabMouth

As far as I can tell, ofxFaceTracker only works if the entire face is visible. Did you do this with only a partial face visible to the camera?

I don’t think this is possible, this plugin is a wrapper around this, which track faces, and inside a recognized face it can detects the single parts. I don’t think you can get the parts before having a full detected face, but I’m not sure.
Maybe @kylemcdonald can answer your question in a more detailed way.

I sort of accomplished my goal by drawing a static photograph of the top half of a face above the live video of the lower half, and ofxFaceTracker is sufficiently tricked into tracking the entire face.

What you need, as edapx says, is your camera be able to capture all the head of the subject, because the FaceTracker need see eyes /noze/ mouth to identify a face. But you can capture a big picture, and only use/display a part of it.