Mouse cursor invisible in osx

Hello all,

I’m running OF 0.8.4 on Yosemite. After running an app in Xcode the mouse cursor is gone until I move it out of the window and bring it back in. That way I don’t get the cursor at all if I run something fullscreen. This happens with example apps too i.e. simple_graphics.

I’ve tried ofShowCursor() or CGDisplayShowCursor() with no luck.

Thanks for the help!

This is a bug with the version of GLFW that’s used in 0.8.4 (so, it’ll be fixed in the next OF version). Check out this hotfix to get a workaround.

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I’ve also worked around it by putting ofHideCursor() in the setup of the app and then ofShowCursor() in the ‘mouseMoved’. That seems to do the trick after moving the mouse.

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