mouse cursor hiding

I think it would be useful to have functions to hide and show the mouse cursor.

they exist from v. 0.02 –


we will try to work it into a sample app so that you folks can see it an action.

thanks for the recommendation - please keep them coming!

take care

Oh oops, didn’t see that. But I tried it and can’t get it to work. I tried calling ofHideCursor() in testApp.cpp::setup() and in main.cpp::main() but both aren’t working. Where should I call it?

In the meantime, calling CGDisplayHideCursor(0) works, but I’m pretty sure that’s an OS X specific command…

you should be able to call it in setup() because you already have an opengl context. it works on my PC, so we have to test it on a mac. could be a bug with glut, or something else. if it’s a bug, then we will definitely add mac specific code to deal with it.



it is a bug with glut osx fullscreen vs. windowed mode. it works in one but not the other.

we will put in the osx specific code to make it work in all window modes.

thanks for the feedback