motion capture/detection/tracking

Hey guys,

I’m completely new (started yesterday) to OF and openCV :O)
My question is for simple motion tracking/detection and then performing some image processing, do I need to use openCV or can I use Openframeworks by itself? Are openCV and visual studio enough to do motion capture or do I still need Openframeworks? i.e., which one does the motion tracking and which one does the image processing?

Many thanks

i think it depends on what you’re trying to achieve,basically,like you said the opencv and VC should be enough to do the motion capture and more. there’s a addon example(the ofxOpenCv one) within the FAT release . maybe you can find your answers here.

Thank you very much for your reply.
I guess you mean this site:

if you want examples for openCV, goto
you’ll notice there are 2 types of downloads, one has FAT next to it… that one will have openCV and examples.
i had trouble finding it as well…

Thank you very much for the link