MostPixelsEver compiling problems

Hi all,

Im attempting to create a video wall of sorts made of multiple TVs in a grid. Thought I would use I’ve been trying to just test out the examples from the addon, specifically the ofxMPEClient example, but I’ve been having some errors compiling them. Its spitting out errors in the ofxMPECLient.cpp file; "no matching function for call to ‘ofxMPEClient::send(std::basic_string)’… So, yeah, this send function has a string placed into it, but openFrameworks is not liking it. My first guess would be some sort of OF version complication? Has any one ran this in OF 0.8?

Sorry, if I need to provide any more info, let me know.

(trying to upload a screenshot, but I’m a new user…)

Yeah, so still found no solution. Tried running ofxMPE on both windows and mac. Also tried older versions of openframeworks. Still not able to get any of the client or sever examples running because of the send() function in ofxMPEClient.cpp. I have a feeling that I’m missing something obvious. Has anyone had experience with MPE and encountered this same problem?

It looks like the issue may just be some weirdness in the way it’s trying to build a string out of C strings and C++ strings. What if you “manually” convert the initial string to a C++ string, like this:

send( string("S") + delimiter + ofToString(id) + delimiter + clientName );


thanks for the reply, i tried that out but it was still a no go sadly. Still gave the same error…