Most Pixels Ever + QTKitPlayer

I am trying to implement synchronized video playback between two screens. Basically, I am playing two parts of a one whole video, left side inside client1 and right side inside client2.

I hope somebody has already tried to do this with Shiffman’s Most Pixers Ever. What I am doing is updating and setting the framerate of every video inside the “frameEvent” function, like this:


frame += 1;
if(frame == 90) {
frame = 0;

So this way, every client will have the same frame value, so far it’s working okay, but I get really low framerate, around 15 fps, which is strange, because the video is not even high res.

Does anybody have any idea or other method I could use to achieve the same effect?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hey Kamend,

The frameEvent function is synced to the frame rate of the MPE thread, which seems a little strange that the drawing code is in there. Maybe you could keep the ‘setFrame’ stuff in there, and move the qtPl.update() and qtPl.draw(600,0) to the testApp update and draw?

Another option, would be to ditch the TCP based MPE and go with custom messaging with OSC or UDP. You could have a server constantly sending the frame number you want to both clients, and the clients only update if there has been a change. Or if you wanna ditch networking all together, you could sync the video frames based on the computer clock or real UTC time (requires clocks to be in sync on both computers).

Good luck.