most pixels ever ( mpe ) under windows problem


I’ve tried the most pixels ever example under Windows (CodeBlocks) and I have little lag periods with the movement of the balls.

And with my mac it worls really fine and smooth.

Someone have the same problem?

There’s any solution for that??


long time since last post …

but YES i do have the same problem with MPE in Windows XP and CBlocks.
i’m experiencing small lags or pauses on the movement. Maybe 1 frame every 2 seconds …

i’ve not tried with OSX …

any ideas why ?


I ran into the same problem under windows. not sure why it wasn’t working…

I recreated the MPE server in openFrameworks, added a few extra bits in too:

So far running well under windows and os x. Still could use some updating examples, etc but for now it’s something to work from in a pinch.