more suitable open frameworks version for xcode 2.4.1?

Hi everybody!
As you can see I am pretty new with open frameworks, I am working on a mac with osx 10.4.11(panter) and xcode 2.4.1.
I would like to ask you which one is the more suitalbe open frameworks version for my computer, it is kind of old so I don’t want it to crash =)
v0.05, v0.04…?

Thank you very much!


Get the latest version. It´s more unlikely to crash using the most recent version than an older one.

Well, I’m really new to this (1 day old!!) But I found that nothing compiled using the latest OF (0.061 FAT) something about a mac os SDK that I don’t have, which I’m guessing is related to the newer Snow Leopard Operating system.

I’m on OS 10.4.11 Xcode 2.5 sticking to OF 0.05 at least until I start feeling a little more confident doggy paddling around in C++ land.

did you grab the 0061 10.5 version or the 10.6 version?
The 10.5 version should work with 10.4.11

can you post the errors?

When you want to compile one of the demos, you have to set the project to 10.4.

This can be done under:
Project->Edit Project Settings : General

And than for “Cross Develop Target SDK” set to 10.4.
Otherwise, the “newer” projects try to include the 10.5 SDK, which is not on your machine.