More Robust, Stylish, and Feature Rich ofxGUI

Hi, I was devastated when ofxUI became deprecated.

All of my project ideas involve an oF app on mobile/tablet remote controlling an oF app on the TV via the Raspberry Pi. Currently I can’t do much in the way in which ofxGUI currently is.

So yeah, I’d love ofxGUI to turn into something like ofxUI was or controlP5 is for Processing. I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

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I don’t mean to be rude but ofxDatGui doesn’t even look as good as the original DatGui that it’s based on.

Nice attempt, though.

I’m looking for something as stylish, rich, and robust as ofxUI was and controlP5 is.

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you do sound kind of rude! These are free projects that people are putting their time into. If you have opinions about the visual look of guis, feel free to lend a hand either by working on one of the many existing guis, making your own, helping take over ofxUI and bring it back to life, etc. There’s a lot of things you can do besides dismissing someone’s hard work.


I deeply apologize and even through my frustration I felt like it was wrong of me to have said it.

I’m just really frustrated, feeling like an end user, and my skills aren’t at the level where I could help with any of those things that you mentioned.

I don’t mean to be a bother and I want to re-iterate how sorry I am. I love oF and the community and this is the last thing I wanted to portray myself as and cause of ruckus.

Additionally, you’re right, this is a free project and beggars can’t be choosers. I need to switch my attitude and just be grateful that oF exists. I keep telling myself over and over that oF hasn’t even reached stable release yet.

Thanks Zach, and thank you too kashim.

Also, if you’re Zach Gage I want to say that I really respect you and all you’ve done for the community. I never thought I’d even get a message from you. I just wish it was under better circumstances.

it’s ok! I’m not zach gage (!) but he’s a former student of mine and a friend :slight_smile:

I just want to make sure we don’t dismiss other people’s hard work! your earlier message sounded kind of dismissive and I just want to make sure we stay positive on the forum. I think it’s definitely fair to have criticism and push ourselves and the community forward but it’s always good to remember that everyone in open source is basically a volunteer and doing it out of love. I realize that this stuff can be frustrating (and I do feel you on the pain of ofxUI being deprecated) but we’re all here to help…

Yeah, and the fact that braitsch filled the huge hole of ofxUI with ofxDatGUI so fast was amazing.

I’ve been having a bad week, but that’s no excuse for my behaviour. Thanks for being so kind about it.

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Hi @toliaferrode. I encourage you to open an issue (or submit a pull request) on Github if there are features you’d like to see added to ofxDatGui as this helps facilitate the community discussion that strongly guides its ongoing development. I’m also happy to help you work with the library if there is a particular area you’re struggling with.

FWIW, I too was longing for features that were absent from the existing gui offerings when I created ofxDatGui. Remember necessity is the mother of invention :wink:

I actually think ofxDatGui is quite stylish as-is, and also comes with a number of pre-made themes, and you can even customize those or create an entirely new one. For what it’s worth I’ve had multiple people comment on how the gui in my apps looks nice when I’ve shared what I’m working on! :smile:

Also, ofxGui lets you customize colors & fonts too to give it a facelift more to your liking:

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I take this opportunity to thanks @braitsch for adding support ofParameter.


Thanks everyone. And especially braitsch for being nice while putting up with my crud. mattfelsen, those themes actually look really cool.

I’ve got a question about ofxDatGUI. Is there anyway to get code completion while working with it?

Also, will ofxDatGUI run on mobile?

Code completion should be managed by your IDE although you may have to enter a key command to prompt it.

Support for mobile is coming in v2. Currently all components with the exception of the time graph work on iOS with some minor issues around touch events but the basics are all there.

I’ve just start writing an UI by myself and I would love to get some feedback

New version is out : simpler and cleaner. Two working examples