more features to noise functions

I’d like Openframework has more functions with respect to the noise field. It would be interesting to have features like ofFbm (Fractional Brownian motion), ofTurbulence, ofFractal, ofMultiFractal. I refer to what is written in the book Texturing and Modeling by Ebert, Musgrave, Peachey, Perlin and Worley. I found in it many interesting resources that I think they deserve to be part or as addons or inside the heart of OF.

you should start an addon, ofxNoise, that incorporates all these things :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’d love to see a CPU && GPU based noise addon. I hate having to try to implement multidimensional noise functions in GLSL, someone more knowledgable on the matter would make my time happier :slight_smile:

yes, should be possible!
in this days i have found a lot of other resources, for differents approach to the question (cpu,GPU, OpenCL, CUDA…) i think something good will happen! i will search to solve all the intrinsic difficulties in the matter, instead for some question or specifical problem i will ask your for help.I have an idea to build an infinit terrain in an 3d environment;the generation process of the creation it is very important. There are a lot of things that i have to learn in programming and maths , considering that i don’t come from study in computer science or what else, ( i’m in accademy of fine arts ,sculpture…!) sometimes i found very difficult to solve some ideas that i have in mind but a apart this i like to do this and i like to contribute in little way (if i’m able to do…!) to this open source project and community.
Best regards