More convenient build system


I’m new to openframework and i think it’s a really promissing project.
I downloaded it last week and i’m trying to build openframework since there.

I managed to have a primary skelton using cmake that works to compile ofx as a library and linking examples with it (

Another problem is all dependencies implied by OF. I managed to compile most of deps and use them on my system but it’s not an easy task.

I think build system is a necessary work. With a clean build system developing addons will be far easyer
and will be more used/developed by community.

I would be very interested to contribute and work on a more convenient build system. CMake is a start point but we can do a lot more (i used different ones too).
I’m also very interested in contributing on various linux tasks (scripting, build system, coding, system administration on various development tools like svn etc…).

So my questions are:

  • Do you have a roadmap on those various linux-oriented points ?
  • Don’t you think putting include files in a separate directory ( openFrameworks/include/event) and including file like #include <event/ofEvents.h> would be cleaner or easyer ?
  • Is there licence problems integrating MSA addons in the addons repository ?