Monstermaker - SPTA

“thanks openframeworks, if it wasn´t for you i have to wake up tomorrow morning and go to work programming websites in flash”, Evan-Roth

hello of-community,

we like to introduce spta and us, Luis and Felix, two students based in berlin,

since one year we have a lot of fun with openframeworks!
so now it´s time to say hello with our latest project, the monstermaker -
a combination of ofxHairFinder and ofxContourFinder.

Inspired by Todd Vanderlin´s Mask Video, we started with a simple
face-tracking application. After that was done, we upgraded this with animated masks,
so every mask can have it´s own little story!

Thanks to the openframeworks community!

this looks great :slight_smile:
love how you worked the silhouettes

Looks like a lot of fun!..nicely done.
posted on CAN

thanks a million filip!
the post on CAN made our day, what a view-multiplicator!
sunday I told felix that one day we will be on that blog,
and whoomp there it is! awesome…

thanks rui,
the silhouettes are a little bit of vector mathematic on the contour points similiar to your great criaturas, drawn with ofVertex for the bad ones and with ofCurveVertex for the good guys. first we want a real looking hide but that was to much for our heads.

perhaps later …