Mojave and OfSoundStream Issues

I have seen some posts already about the “Requesting Authorization for Media Capture” and made sure that both NSCameraUsageDescription and NSMicrophoneUsageDescription are in my plist.

I am still having issues with getting any input sound into the audioInput example. Has anyone else resolve d this?

Im running Mojave 10.14.5, xcode 9.4.1, ofx 0.11.0 (just downloaded today in case this would help)

I thought that in System Preferences > Privacy & security > privacy > Microphone. That my app should appear to allow it to gain access to the microphone, but it doesn’t. Maybe i did this before i am not sure, anyway to reset this? I also compiled a release version on the app in case but still nada!

Would appreciate any other feedback other than to downgrade :(. I could go to windows I guess for now.

I have found Xcode 9.4 to be a little strange about plist loading — which is needed for permissions for audio. If you run the compiled app outside of Xcode does it work? I’ve found that it does with Xcode 9.4.1 and webcam permissions, which is a bit annoying, If that’s the same, I using a newer Xcode (it’s up to 11 now) may help (seems like some sort of Xcode issue with plist not getting used)

Note that you can install multiple xcodes side by side if you need

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Ah amazing that was it! ill update xcode then. opening the app direct from the bin worked great.

Thanks Zach!