Modify the ofxCv smile example application

Hello everyone!
I recently downloaded the next great application ( and I now seeking to make some small modications related to my use. For this I need your help. I’m looking to be able to add the following functions:

  • be able play-break to the graph (and report these breaks on the graph)
  • be able clear the graph.
  • be able to export the chart to excel.

Do you think this is possible? Have you got some links or ideas to develop in this direction?

Thank you for your help.

It’s definitely possible to do all of this.

What have you tried so far?

Hi bakercp,

It took me a little time but I had to spend on windows with Visual Basic and learn a little more c ++ that It was too abstract for me.
Every day I learn a little more but I still have not mastered the language.
For my various questions, I looked a little how to do it, including browsing the openFrameworks documentation.
For my first point, I think I can use play and stop classes of videoplayer. However, I have no idea how to display the breaks and I do not control the programming enough to know how to integrate them.

For my second point, I tried this:

void ofApp :: keyPressed (int key) {
if (key == '') {
graph.reset ();

This only works in part because the graph is superimposed on the first and no longer meets the dimensions of the frame (this is beyond the video image). It must miss some arguments. I’m with keyboard because I don’t know how to create button (I looked on the side of ofxGui unsuccessfully ).

For my last point, I have not had time yet to look myself. Looking in parallel to understand how to change the interface by adding the time on the abscissa of graph but for now it’s too complicated for me.
I have ideas but not enough skills to do my project.
But I have at heart to learn even more and to get there