Mixing OF and Windows native code

Hey I’m trying to create a “transparent window” if it was a regular commercial program it would be called a splash screen. I’ve been trying to implement this:


And I’ve almost got it working properly, but I would like to mix it with animation via openframeworks because I’m not terribly familiar with C++/windows stuff. I was wondering if it would be terribly difficult to mix it in there and how I might be able to do that.

I’m developing the animation stuff in a separate app, and I’m basically just using loadImage() and draw()…I just don’t know what libraries they link to (freeImage/openGL?) and where I’d have to put code to override the glut windowing stuff.

This isn’t really an answer, but it might be sort of helpful: if you take a look at how Memo set up the OF -> cocoa communication in his ofxCocoa addon https://github.com/memo/msalibs/tree/master/ofxCocoa/src. I don’t really know how the newest Windows templates look, but I’d imagine that you could use the same approach.