mixing libraries ... ooops (a syntax question)


i’m tring to bring the iaxclient library for VOIP into oF.

iaxclient.h has a few functions to specify which handlers should be called when an event takes place (i.e. when a call is made).

// this one calls signal_handler every time there’s an error
signal(SIGINT, signal_handler);

but when i try to add a function from one of my classes into that function, i get my own error:

argument of type ‘void (testApp::)(int)’ does not match ‘void (*)(int)’

void testApp:: signal_handler(){


also, i’m getting errors with all the exit() functions from the original code.
is it possible to use those in oF?

thanks so much!


I could be wrong, but I think that the exit calls are part of the std: library.
So if you change them to std::exit(1) etc. that would work.

sweet. that did the trick.
i’d been trying with stdlib::exit(0);
thanks, zach