Mixing C++ and Objective-C in windows

Is it possible to mix C++ and Objective-C?

I think about all the resources available for the iphone in Obj-C (like OpenFeint for example)

Is possible to make the project in C++ normally with OF and call some functions/classes from external sdk/libriaries made in Obj-c?

Eventually only on a MAC? (VC obviously can’t compile obj-c)

(a side questione that I didn’t clearly find, the emulator is part of the OF or it’s the Apple one in the original iPhone SDK?)

Thanks in advance

Yes, Objective-C is possible in Windows, but for the iPhone you also need the OS Touch frameworks and then it gets tricky. There’s lots of resources available for those asking this question, e.g. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5670-…-or-windows

In terms of programming languages themselves, yes you can mix Obj-C and C++, with some limitations. A nice OF example is here: http://wiki.openframeworks.cc/index.php-…-s.-c.2B.2B

The iPhone/iPad emulator is part of the Apple SDK, not OF - no idea whether there’s one for Windows…