Mixing and tiling many cheap PS3-Eye web cams

Hi everyone,
we just release our new project “Madcam” where we mix and tile up to 10 PS3 Eye (10$-cheap) USB webcams to create a live VJ projection. It is used to make a robotic music instrument more visible in a live performance but can probably be used in many other projects, too.

The goal is set up an VJ setup which is based on live webcam material. One webcam? – Boring! 10 Webcams? – “Unlimited” fun!
So far we use 10 web cams, but the amount can probably be extended. The webcam content is mixed onto one screen, in different tilings and with Video-FX, all in realtime. Tiling and FX can be controlled by Midi and OSC. The system uses Open Frameworks.


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