Missing libraries and errors

Hello ,
I am working on a project which works on xcode. Since I am a windows user and the code was available for macOS . I installed macOS 10.5 with xcode 3 but the libraries seem to not be working . I replaced most of them which reduced the errors from 100503 to 2502 but I cannot get further ahead .
I am a beginner and I am in desperate need of a solution.


I have shared the link for the code , if anyone could please take a look at it and give some feedback would be really great.

Hi there, which app are you trying to compile? Did you try using the ProjectGenerator?

Thank you for replying.
I am new to this and I don’t know how to use of ProjectGenerator.
I manually replaced or added the libraries that were missing on xcode path
but I had no luck.

Working with XCode is so much easier with the project generator! I definitely would not embark on manually setting up an Xcode project. There’s a nice guide here, I would follow the steps and see how you get along http://openframeworks.cc/setup/xcode/

Thank you so much Sir ,
the code is up and running thanks to the your guidance.

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