Missing FreeImage.dll when compiling with VS2017

Hi, I’m new to openFrameworks. I’ve got a new Windows 10 laptop with a fresh install of Visual Studio Community 2017.

Whenever I try to run even the simplest of OF programs in Visual Studio I get the error:

“The code execution cannot proceed because FreeImage.dll was not found.”

There was one step in the setup instructions that I couldn’t follow, which was the part that say you need to install “Common Tools for Visual C++ 2017”. I couldn’t find an option to install that anywhere, but I’ve got the “Desktop Development with C++” tools installed, and I’m able to build and run non-OF C++ CLI programs.

I’m at a loss for what to do next. I’ve googled around and found others who have run into this same issue with FreeImage.dll (including an open issue on the OF repo) but no solutions are presented.

Any suggestions for what I should do next?


Hooray, I solved my own problem.

For posterity, I just needed to switch Visual Studio to compile for x64 instead of for Win32:


I made an account just to :heart: your solution. I have been going crazy over some of my projects not running with this error for days! Thank you!


Glad it was help Sparky!

I compiled in 64, add stiil have the same issue


Thank you so much, it worked.

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