Missing file in release build

Hi, just starting out with oF following the excellent tutorials of @lewislepton (big thanks for that!)

After tinkering around a bit, I wanted to create a release of my superduper app.
Unfortunately the build fails with the error:

No such file or directory: '/Users/..../openFrameWorks/libs/openFrameWorkdCompiled/lib/osx/.a

I’ve searched the forum and consulted the Google oracle, but found only found an old post stating the file was missing [would have liked to paste a link to that post here, seems I’m not allowed to] but not how or where to get it.

Edit: I am using the GitHub version of oF

Any clues anyone?

hey man.

thanks for the shout out. glad you are enjoying them.
what OS are you on. i know its mac, but what version? i know that there was something like this i had trouble with. if i remember then ill let you know

just to also point out. in the videos, i think by 13/14 we actually change back to the public release version because of some video issue related to the github version. i dont know whether these are fixed yet. but the future videos will stay with the public release versions for safety reasons

i do explain as to why the change to public release has happened and why we will be staying on it. so its not a big shock if there are different things


Hi, thanks for your quick reply.
Just got to lesson 13 & 14 and decided to follow you in your switch back to the 0.8.4 release.
Everything work fine from there.
Even managed to solve to issue in the Github-branch by copying the missing file from de 0.8.4 download.

Thanks again for the video’s, they got me up on my oF-feet pretty smoothly!


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good. really good.
aye. whilst why i used the github version was because of the upcoming deprecations in 0.9.0+, its best to play it safe with the public releases.
but in a future one when the next update comes, i will be going through the changes

glad that worked