Missing features in official download version vs. Github branch (0071) VS2010

I’m little bit confused and perhaps other have the same problem with the new 0071 version.
There are missing features in the official download version from http://www.openframeworks.cc/download/ for the VS2010 Version which are in the master branch from Github.
In the official download version the projectGenerator is missing (and some addons: ofxAndroid,ofxGui,ofxiPhone,ofxSynth)
Is this a bug or a feature?

no, the projectGenerator is still under development so we haven’t included it yet in 0071. the same happens with ofxGui. ofxAndroid and ofxiPhone are only included in the android and iphone versions respectively and ofxSynth is the beginning of a dsp addon that was not completed and it’s now deprecated since the architecture is a little messy, we’ve keep it in git for reference purposes but the idea is to rewrite it from scratch

hey i cloned OF using git clone https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks.git
how do i build all the projects and dere are no makefiles in the examples
can u please provide the necessary steps and procedures to use the existing as well as new examples and projects respectively??
i am using ubuntu 11.04 and I want to do everything(build run create new projects) from terminal window .

please assist

thanks & regards

Hi swaroop, first build the of lib via the install dependencies script in scripts/linux. Then build the project generator in apps/devApps/projectGenerator – it comes with a makefile. Then run the project generator, there’s a button in the middle to build all examples, select linux or linux64 first. You can also run the project generator from the console, I forget the arguments but if you run it without arguments it prints a help text.