Minimal GUI

I created a menu component framework that has sliders, check boxes, and labeling. This came out of a desire to have something super simple to control the Interactive Wall of Spirituality. In my main OF class, I hooked it up to the arrow keys–up and down would highlight a row in the menu and left and right would change the value. It was not designed to be a mouse-based GUI. I’ve released the guts of the system in case anybody could benefit from it. In the future I would like to add an event based architecture around it and a higher level class that handles adding and removing menu component elements as well as an xml manager that also taps into function pointers and class properties. If someone wants to help out with this project, please let me know.

Here is the link: . Look for MinimalGui.

nice, got any screenshots? you could add them here:
Regarding your further development plans: There are other GUIs who can do that already. Especially, memo’s ofxSimpleGuiToo seems to be the one with the most development going on nowadays.
Maybe it would be more useful if you/we contribute our development efforts on one package, and develop it really well, instead of having 5+ different projects, some deprecated/stalled, none having all the functions we need? Provided the original authors welcome the effort of course.
It’s just that I have seen many open source projects where many 1-man development teams each do their own stuff, and none of them flourish too well due to time constraints of the respective devs. Would be much more useful imho if they worked together, polishing one really good piece of software instead of N mediocre ones.

Thanks for posting, look forward to checking this out :smiley:

Hi, will take a look at the GUI probably will use it in something :smiley: I like when people work together in order to get a great app but I also like that there are different applications :lol:

Thank you

Thanks to blainer_s, here is a picture of it in action:

@bilderbuchi, Mine is designed for keyboard input only and full menu display. Since we were dealing with a complicated setup I didn’t want to find out where my mouse was and click the slider, and I also wanted to see all the options at once. This approach is different from the others so I’m not sure about how combining everything into one would work well.

I need to add more pieces to the minimal gui open source code so that you guys can try it out easier. . .

Right now I’m trying to get the FBO warp stuff finished, but I’m running into so many new errors that didn’t exist before. . . I think I’m going to switch back to the PC and see if that helps.