Mini initialization

I work with ofxMidi.

I’m looking for a way to initialize my app with the values on my controller.

I explain:
ofxMidi works with events and get values when some controls or note change, but how to get the controllers values the first time without moving them ?

I hope i was clear in my request.
Thx in advance for help, ang congrats to everybody for all addons readymade, very useful and simple to implement.


Most midi controllers can not be polled, so you’re gonna have to move them to send out the midi data. Of course you can save the values in an XML file when exiting your application, so if you don’t move the controls in between shutdown and next startup you can recall the values.

yes, there’s also some motorized midi controllers where you can set the values at the beginning, but you cannot get the values unless the midi controller triggers an event