MinGW 5.1.6 / g++ (GCC) 4.5.0 linker error : RtAudio


I just downloaded the of_preRelease_v0062_win_cb_FAT.zip version of OF for Code::Blocks.

I am using Code::blocks version 8.02, but the MinGW/g++ version I am using is MinGW 5.1.6 with g++ (GCC) 4.5.0 (installed separately and CB is pointing to it correctly)

I have downloaded the files from http://www.openframeworks.cc/setup/setup/codeblocks and copied the files to MinGW folder as instructed.

When i try to build the project under the apps\examples\polygonExample folder, I get linker error as below:

…/…/…/libs/rtAudio/lib/win_cb/RtAudio.a(RtAudio.o):RtAudio.cpp:(.text+0x1b): undefined reference to \_\_gxx\_personality\_sj0' ../../../libs/rtAudio/lib/win\_cb/RtAudio.a(RtAudio.o):RtAudio.cpp:(.text+0x34): undefined reference to_Unwind_SjLj_Register’
…/…/…/libs/rtAudio/lib/win_cb/RtAudio.a(RtAudio.o):RtAudio.cpp:(.text+0x59): undefined reference to \_Unwind\_SjLj\_Unregister' ../../../libs/rtAudio/lib/win\_cb/RtAudio.a(RtAudio.o):RtAudio.cpp:(.text+0x87): undefined reference to_Unwind_SjLj_Resume’
… and so on.

When I tried other examples, I get the same error message regarding RtAudio.

I did try to recompile the library, it compiled successfully without any errors, but when I tried the examples, I get the same problem as well.

I am using Windows XP SP3.

I have been using Code::Blocks, MinGW, OpenCV, OpenGL etc. for many years, but I am new to OpenFrameworks. Appreciate some helps.

Many thanks in advance.

Seems like the problem is due to different version of MinGW’s g++ used to compile the pre-compiled OpenFrameworks library, 3rd party libraries and the examples.

I solved this by using the MinGW compiler that came with Code::Blocks 10.05. The g++ version is 4.4.1 instead of the later version.

An alternative is for me to get the c++ source code of the 3rd party library such as FreeImage, Poco etc. and recompile them using the latest g++.

Hi there,

I’ve been repeatedly running into similar problems trying to get an oF project to compile under win7 32 bit + CodeBlocks 10.05 with the newest oF version from git.

Everything compiles well and runs - up until I try to add an ofSoundStream object - I get these same weird linker errors.

Could it be that oF comes with a lib/win_cb version of librtaudio.a which is not compatible with win7 / cb 10.05?

Sadly, using the different compiler version as described by ypwong didn’t do the trick.

Anyone having an idea how to get ofSoundStream to run under these dire circumstances?

I’m hoping to use ofSoundStream to get multichannel audio to work on an external USB (M-Audio, 8 channel i/o) sound card.

Or is there another clever way to get multichannel audio to work without using fmod on win7?

Many thanks!