Mimic viewports of 3d programs

I have a system I am developing with multiple kinects. I am using easycam to allow me to rotate the results of the joined point clouds, but it feels awkward to use and doesn’t give me really good results.

Is there a way to have preset easycam or ofCamera, (I’m not tied to either one) that will allow me to see things from a right, top and forward view?

right now everything is kind of vague for moving around with easycam. I just discovered that everything was ‘tilted’ forward ten degrees. Nicely aligned, but not perpendicular.

You can always set up the positions and orientation of an ofCamera or ofEasyCam. They both just extend ofNode, so take a look at the setPosition methods in there and the setTarget() method of the ofEasyCam. Using those in tandem makes it pretty easy to setup any set of views you want.

you might want to also look into viewports, which allow you to set a rectangle of the screen you are drawing to. In your case, you might be dividing your window into multiple viewports that allow you to see the scene in different ways.

ofCamera allows you to call begin with a rectangle (which it sets the viewport to) that it draws into (typically, people just used the default value which is fullscreen). See the advanced3d example, which I think is pretty similar to what you want to do.

Thank you, both of you.

I was trying the viewports, and unfortunately there was some difficulty in centring the information (in some cases it was just disappearing) I blame my lack of knowledge about the magic of openGL 3d space.

I found a way by recording the best views from easy cam, and hardcoding those in so they give me the proper views with a key press. It’s not as ‘elegant’ as having a typical four-window representation, but it will do.

An add-on that one could send info to and get the four windows would be übercool, but I will have to wait before releasing it myself.