migrating development to windows

I have been develop an application in linux,
and need to be able to continue that in windows.
Ideally, i’d be able to open the cbp or workspace file between the 2 systems and just continue my development.

i have installed codeblocks in win , as I had in linux,
I am able to compile and run the examples on windows
and I git pulled my development from my linux pc. but I have problems:

  1. opening the workspace file says it fails to load …/…/…/libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project/linux64/libopenFrameworks.cbp.

well I understand this, and I change the path from the .workspace file, but will this not brake the ability to compile from linux afterwards?

2)if I continue opening workspace or open cbp file directly, i am not able to even start compiling. It says in build log:

Running command: make.exe -f Makefile Debug
Execution of ‘make.exe -f Makefile Debug’ in ‘d:\Users\nass\my devs\of_v0.8.0_win_cb_release\apps\christmasCarol\calibrator’ failed.
Nothing to be done (all items are up-to-date).

what is wrong here?

the linux codeblocks file won’t work on windows, in linux it uses custom makefiles to compile while in windows it’s a native codeblocks project. even if we had native codeblocks projects in linux too the libraries are different so it won’t work

the easiest would be to create a new project for windows using the project generator to add any addons that you might be using