MIDI from VST in DAW to oF app?

Is there any way to stream MIDI from a custom (JUCE-built) VST in my DAW (ableton live) into my oF app, in real time?

Can you set where the MIDI goes from this VST from Ableton? If yes, on Mac at least, if it can be sent to the IAC driver, then oF should be able to read it from there.

Thank you. I have MIDI streaming to my oF application through IAC as well; i wanted to see if i can simply this setup process by using a VST or AU plugin instead of routing things through IAC…

maybe a virtual midi port could be used. without knowing more context it is difficult to give advices.

i had good expieriences communicating via osc, maybe that could be also an option for you. juce has its own osc module.

I have some animations/visualizations in an oF app. I want to send real-time MIDI data from Ableton Live (via JUCE VST3) to my oF app.

Can this be done using OSC? Is it simple enough to package MIDI data into an OSC message and then send it?

hey hey, here are some more thoughts.

It should be straightforward to implement a midi/osc interface on the oF side. In the daw it can be a bit more complicated, depends very much on what you wanna do exactly.

i assume you use ableton 10. version 9 does not support vst3.

I dont know about the current state of midi effects, but i hope with vst3 they are supported in the newer daws.

  • if midi effects are supported then you could write a midi effect plugin which gets midi data, sends it via osc/midi and then passes it to your instrument .
  • if midi effects are no yet supported then i guess you have to write an instrument plugin, which receives midi data and then stream it via midi/osc. It probably makes sense to group the midi2osc instrument and an actual instrument. Both should receive then the midi data.

i used this plugin a few years ago, if you are on osx then you can download it from the releases tab and give it a try: https://github.com/thomasgeissl/MIDI2OSC

max for live could be also an option to write a midi effect plugin.