Midi controller on raspbian lowers brightness

I am working on a project in raspbian stretch on a raspberry pi 3b that uses either a PiCapturesd1 or a usb camera for taking video input and using a usb midi controller via ofxMidi to control an oF + shaders code to alter the video stream. when the oF project starts running it is at full brightness but as soon as i touch or move anything on the midi controller the total brightness range becomes lowered by about 1/2. When i’m running it windowed on the desktop nothing changes about the brightness values anywhere else but in the oF window. I have tried several powered usb hubs for the midi controller and the behavior is the same as if it is plugged directly into the pi. The behavior is also the same whether it is through HDMI or composite output. has anyone noticed anything like this before? I am confused by the fact that the rest of the raspberry pi video output is unchanged and only the oF window, I feel like if it was just a power draw issue then everything on the desktop would be affected? There are no lightning bolts appearing at any point and the power supply for the pi i am using is 5v 2.5a