Micro controller midi wifi

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here is a small guide to create a micro wireless midi controller with ESP8266 model ESP-03.



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quick question.
what would I need to do to interface the ESP8266 like this board from spark fun ESP8266 board with OF?

thanks for your advice.

the best method is: solution 1 (look at the attached picture)

you can start from my example “midi wifi” to create the firmware for your ESP, and you can choose the protocol you prefer between HTTP, TCP or UDP(look at the example “ESP” arduino library)

to take a test, replace essid with your wifi name, password with your pwd wifi
and host con your IP openframeworks machina, where your openframeworks server is running:

this configuration allows you to connect more than one ESP to your openframeworks server.
my example uses port 9055 for TCP communication.

firmware ESP (arduino code):

openframeworks ofxTCPServer:

I hope of having understand the question.


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Thank you. I finally had a chance to try it and it worked great.
I ended up trying it with the SparkFun ESP8266 Thing and the adafruit Huzzah ESP8266. The spark fun one was not as reliable though.
thanks again.

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