metaballs 2D


i couldn’t find an example of 2D metaballs in openframeworks so i found a processing example and ported it over.

its a nice and simple effect… going try to make use of it for a particle system.

here is the openframeworks source, v006.

still new to c++ so please let me know if you find better way of writing or optimising the code.


Very cool!

Would love to see a lava lamp type app.

attached is a cleaner version.
will be working on a shader version soon which i’ll hopefully post here soon.






So awesome ! I saw a similar port using a .js library and was looking for something similar to this. Can’t wait to look at it a little more in deptb .

here is another version running on a shader, much faster.

Awesome! Yeah, I tried the cpp version on iOS and it ran at 2fps haha.

The examples here seem useful but the links appear to be dead. Any chance of restoring them? Thanks.