meta-openFrameworks OpenEmbedded Layer

I started this OpenEmbedded layer called meta-openFrameworks.

It’s a work in progress. I’ve successfully integrated oF core with a few patches to the .mk makefiles (inside libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project/makefileCommon/), orchestrated by the BitBake recipe.

Also managed to build all examples.

Goal 1 is to run a graphical example in Yocto’s Quick EMUlator (QEMU) with a core-image-x11 image.
Goal 2 is to run a graphical example in my BeagleBoneBlack, which has solid support in the OE realm. Also on a core-image-x11 image.

Achieving these goals will pave the way for meta-openFrameworks to provide support for a wide range of new platforms.

Any help is much appreciated.


I’m interested to know the status of this project. Your link is not valid anymore. Did you discontinue the work due to some difficulties?

hey I had to take a break from it, but maybe I will continue in the future
may I ask what you had in mind?

I’m trying to port OpenFrameworks into a Yocto system in an ARM based board. So I’m exploring open source or any collaboration on this.
The approach I’m thinking of is similar to yours, to make it work on QEMU first, then run it with a Openembedded BSP layer.
I assume it’s a month’s effort. (Hope it’s not too optimistic.) If you have suggestions that would be great.

I think 1 month is a realistic estimation.

I spent a couple of weeks to get to the place I reported here.
Unfortunately, in a rush of demotivation, I stopped and made the repo private… But my feelings are changing, especially now that I realize there’s other people interested in this. I made it public again :smiley:

Most of the hard work was based on writing patches:

That included disabling a lfew libs that were causing problems, and perhaps that implies some limitations of functionality for some apps.

I was able to build all examples and run them on QEMU on core-image-x11 (goal 1).
I didn’t have time to try goal 2, but I believe at this point it should work too. Feel free to try it on some board (doesn’t have to be the BBB) and report here.

I also remember that I was thinking about writing bbclasses to encapsulate the abstractions of ofxAddons and ofxApps (moslty makefile logic), so that people can write standalone recipes for new apps and addons, inherit the classes and point to their repos without too much hassle.

Another good idea is to try to support more recent versions of oF, since 0.9 is quite old already. I started on that version because I noticed the Makefiles were relatively simpler when compared to more recent versions. But what has been achieved is already a good starting point for newer versions.

Around late December and early January I will definitely have more time and I’ll probably be able to focus on this and hopefully get everything done.

Unfortunately right now I can’t dedicate myself to this, but we can definitely collaborate if you are motivated on carrying on with the task. Post doubts here and I can try to answer based on what I previously achieved. Make a fork of my repo and create PRs once you believe you have done some significant progress. I’ll be happy to list you as a coauthor of the layer :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great. Really appreciate your repo link and suggestions. When I have meaningful progress will certainly sync up with you.
My target is an Ultr96 which is based on a Zynq UltraScale SoC (ARMv8).

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