Mesh.setMode() not working?

hello everyone,

I’m pretty new to oF and this is my first post in this forum. I’ve been using oF for maybe two months so maybe I’m just not doing things right.

I have experience some troubles with the setMode(OF_PRIMITIVE_POINTS) and others on the rpi. It works fine on my desktop but not on the pi. The mesh.draw() seems to always draw the same thing.

is it me or could this be linked to Opengl es stuff ?

Basically I just want to draw a pixelized image with circles changing their size with (noise or random function). By the way I’m looking into some tuto with vertex and geometry shaders on the rpi / or android, would anyone have a good link ?

I’m passing thru a similar problem.

As you said, berenger, It seems to be related to opengl es.
I’m using openframeworks 0.8.3 on iOS.

This topic as created 5 months ago. Did you ever got it to work as intended?