Mesh and particle morph

Hi All!

I’d love to explore the concept of particles morphing and taking shape of a certain mesh.
A precise example of what I’m talking about can be seen here:

Any tips and ideas of how I could start with this or references to examples would be very much appreciated.

Working with the 3D point-picker example I’m able to manipulate the position of verts with:

for (int i = 0 ; i < mesh.getNumVertices(); i++) {
    ofVec3f cur = mesh.getVertex(i);
    ofPoint newPoint(cur.x + ofRandomf(), cur.y + ofRandomf(), cur.z+ofRandomf());
    mesh.setVertex(i, newPoint);

Now to add some ‘intelligence’ to it and go from shape 1 to shape 2 :slight_smile: I’m wondering how this will work if the number of verts isn’t the same in 2 models. I guess I could let the difference in them float randomly :confused: