Memory Warnings

Could anyone help me with this. I have adapted the videograbber iphone example to overlay some ofImages following a touch event, on top of the video and it crashes after a couple of minutes. I ran it through the xcode instruments and found that it has no memory leaks, but I do get a low memory warning before it crashes. Is this because I’m using up all it’s processing memory and how could I fix it?

I have a feeling this is a pretty stupid question to be asking but I’m new to this and very much in need of help!!!

Hello, so it seams you are not doing any kind of image processing? Isn t?
What message gives you after it crash?
Could be handy to see some of the code.

I’m doing some processing. I grab the pixels from the video grabber and then change the transparency and of parts of the image and overlay the still image over the video feed. The still image, an ofImage, is only set once and then so not much changes in the draw except for the overall transparency of the image fading. I doesn’t give any error message annoyingly when it ends just freezes and that’s it!! Prior to the crash it give the the low memory alert “memory warning received” but no more info than that.
I’ll post up some of my code because I’m probably doing things in a really inefficient way.

Do you think it’s processing power if there are no other error messages? I ran it through the instruments software on xcode and it in the “real memory usage” pie chart the app was using over 3/4 of the available memory.

if you are accessing the pixels of the image, the error is almost sure there, you are probably accessing memory outside the image what is making the application crash

Would I not expect to get the EXEC BAD ACCESS message on the debugger rather than a low memory alert if I was accessing pixels outside the range?

Oh! Could it be that I’m trying to access the pixels from the videograbber at the same time it is updating them?

no, that shouldn’t be a problem, but is difficult to say without seeing some code, try to do a simple example that crashes and post the code