memory management

I am working on code for an installation piece - the code will run for days in a row without stop, so I am concerned with memory management.

I am aware that their is no garbage collector in c++. This means that I have to manually delete every single value I have given to a variable from memory when it’ s done, right ???

for example if I have a counter that goes up to 100 and then from 1 again. Should I explicitly delete every past int ??

if I have an array a custom class T type objects, when I remove an item from the array, do I have to explicitly free the memory this objected occupied, too ??

could I have an example of how to do this ??

no, you don’t need to delete absolutely everything, just things that you created using new. look for stack and heap to know about the difference.


I think this answers my question to my other post, too…

thx !!