memory leak - basics questions

Hi, I’m a total c++ / of newbie, using Code::Blocks on WinXP for the first time.

As I’m migrating from processing, it didn’t take me long to get my first application running. However, by observing the windows task manager, I’ve recognized that my application eats and eats memory as long as it runs. In order to find the source of the memory leak, I started to comment blocks of code out - until I basically was at the “empty example” code. Still, there was a leak. I’ve recognized, that even if I compile and run the original “empty example”, this nothing-doing-app leaks memory!

Here are my questions:

  • Could it be that my compiling settings are wrong in some way?
  • If it is not the compiler settings - any idea what the source of the leak might be?
  • Does there exist a proper method to find memory leaks in general with Code::Bocks under WinXP? (Better than observing the task manager.)
  • Can someone point me to a good (newbie) explanation of how debugging works with CB & WinXP?

Thanks already a lot!