Memory check with valgrind

Since one month ago more or less there’s a new option in codeblocks linux. If you installed codeblocks from the repositories or just by using the install_codeblocks script, in the menus you should have a new one called valgrind with two options:


checks memory leaks and gives advice about where they’re happening. Also checks for uninitialize variables, cause of most of those misterious segmentation faults.


gives a complete report about cache use, it’s a little bit advanced, but optimizing this can really enhance intensive memory using applications like particle systems or similar

to be able to use them you should install valgrind, as usual:

sudo apt-get install valgrind

and activate the library paths as explained in this post:

Any chance ofx will be valgrind clean? (written in such a way to not produce false “possibly lost” messages…) I’m debugging a memory leak now and there is so much output in so many libs I don’t even know how to approach it.

hm, we’re not even warning-free. I fear valgrind-clean is a far-away dream… you’d be most welcome if you can help, though. when eliminating warnings I’ve found that the majority are pretty obvious fixes, hopefully it’s similar with valgrind? :slight_smile:

Depending on what driver you’re using, I know that Mesa produces loads of spam in Valgrind, so having a totally clean install might be difficult anyway.

Bumping this old thread up … has there been any progress here? Has OF become valgrind-clean? What would you recommend to check for memory leaks in OF projects using Linux?