Mega Super Awesome interactive object

I’ve created a little class which basically wraps up some poco functionality to make a flash-like object which auto updates/draws and adds mouse methods like onRollOver, onPress, OnRollout etc with bounds checking (its upto you to make sure width and height are correct of course) - with easy to remember functions to register/un-register callbacks. Pretty simple, but I use it a lot for create and forget objects (just make sure you call killMe() when are you are done with the object!).

One slight glitch I ran into, is that the onRollOver doesn’t get called when the object is moving, but mouse is static (understandably). I have a function ‘checkForMotion’ which needs to be called in the update function before the extended classes update function.
I toyed with some hacking solutions, and arturo’s suggestion at…-light=poco
but all involve modifying the poco/oF core so left it commented out for now…
(except for the idea of creating a separate object with autoupdate just for that motion check, but that seemed overkill).