Mega-Noob (Me) Needs Help

I’m trying to use an add-on for Open Frameworks called ofxMSAFluid, which can be found here:

I was able to load the example .sln files from Open Frameworks.
However, the example folder for MSAFluid does not have a .sln file, it just has c++ files and .h files.

So, how do I get this addon’s example to load? I assume I need to create my own .sln somehow, but I tried that and it didn’t work at all. So I’m going to need some specific steps because I’m mad stupid.

Thanks in advance!


Hey @nadan10,

have you created a new xcode project with the project generator?

how did you add the source files?

had you tried other build versions of xcode?

what errors are you seing?

This is the best I can do to help, but putting as much information as humanly possible on whats going on your end (code, pictures) would help alot.

.sln files are from Visual Studio, not XCode… And unfortunately VS is a bitch with addons.

Nadan you should try to save the msa addon folder in your addon folder, and then use the project generator to create your project file (you need to add both MSAFluid and MSACore). If it doesn’t work, you need to manually add the files of the addon in your project and then make sure the include directory is configured in your project (in VS right click on the project, open the properties, in C/C++ -> general-> additional include directories and then add both MSACore and MSAFluid).

Thanks guys!

silver: your advice about the project generator was spot on. I am no longer popping errors. However, now that I have my project set up properly linking the test example files for MSAFluid, all I get is a grey output screen.

http://i.imgur (dot) com/ftOp9p6.png

My shiny crystal balls tells me your testApp.cpp is most likely empty. Have you copied the files from the example ?

A good thing to do with visual studio (or any IDE actually) is to take advantage of the debugger : You can set breakpoints and then execute step by step your software and at the same time check how the variables evolve. It’s a great way to make sure your stuff is doing what you want it to do…

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so this begins to venture into how openFrameworks is structured. (I am no means an aficionado, and somewhat of a beginner too), but you should read this:

edit: the left column with your “src” folder is the “main” area that accumulates all of the addons, header/cpp class files, library binaries that might be added, etc etc to compile in the structure of openFrameworks.