Media playback system for a large installation

I am currently working on a project that has some very specific needs, and have created some prototypes of a dynamic media playback system for a large installation in the Netherlands. There is a reasonable budget for this work (of course it is smaller than what I want), more importantly the system needs a service agreement as it is mission critical and needs to run 7 days a week for the next 5 years. I am looking for an established studio based in Amsterdam or Hilversum that would be interested in either collaborating or taking over this part of the project. The installation is based in Hilversum and part of the service contract is a 4 hour turnover time for any repairs for the next 5 years (a separate budget). I am looking to work with established studios that can provide the service contract as I cannot. As I mentioned I have created prototypes that cover the functionality and am happy to collaborate on the next steps or hand the project over, however anyone I work will have to sign a contract covering the service contract. Let me know if you are in a position to be part of this project.

You should chat with @roxlu for sure!
Especially for all things video related.

maybe talk with Dirk at Studiolauter ?

Thanks for the replies.

+1 for Diederick (@Roxlu) he’s the most experienced video coder I known. Especially within creative coding. And also based in the Netherlands.
diederick at roxlu dot com