Media festivals

There are numerous media festivals held every year .Each one being unique in their own way .Eyeo and Resonate being 2 of them . How advantageous are these conferences ,who should attend them and who should not ? How much exposure do you get out of these festivals ? Why are they worth attending? How should people not working in creative coding (but want to) look upon these festivals ? EyeO is sold out so my perticular focus here is Resonate . Thanks in advance….any insight would be helpful !

Both are good. Eyeo can be a little more Data Visualization if that interests you. Inst-Int is another one that is put on by the same people as Eyeo but doesn’t sell out as quickly. Eyeo’s venue is very nice, great screens and no bad seats.

I’ve only been to Resonate once (2013 I believe). I think it has changed venues since. I liked the content better and really like the recent options of the week long workshops. For me, if travel wasn’t a variable, I would choose Resonate.

Thanks :smiley: