Measuring distance of branching pattern

Hi, i experimenting with l-systems for creating branching patterns, im trying to creating an app that allows to generate designs for pathways for a forest.

But i have a question… look, i have a book that says:

"Branching patterns are an efficient way to reach all the points in a large area, while moving the shortest distance possible. "

I was wondering, how can i measure this? how can i measure the distance of a branching structure?

I would like to create different branching patterns and then compare them based on their distance.

Is there an algorithm or a way for comparing a group of branching patterns in order to know in which one you need to move the shortest distance possible?
how can i measure this?

any idea?

I´m not an expert but im pretty sure that you will be using classes for all the branching structures.
You could set a variable that adds the distances from the new branches and when a new “branch” object is created you use ofNotifEvent and send the distance of that branch to the parent so you can add it to the variable.

I hope it helps.