Meander, creative drawing app for iPhone

‘Meander’ is an app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, which lets you create your own art by controlling a particle system. Particles are created at your fingertips while the intuitive settings screen lets you change paramaters like the lifetime, size and color of the particles. You can download Meander for free in-the-App-Store.

Meander is made with openFrameworks. Version 1.1 is currently being reviewed by Apple. The update includes the following:

  • Choose between black or white background
  • Save image to iPhone ‘Photos’ directory
  • ‘Shake to clear’ function added

I’m really glad I can mix Apple-style smoothness with the power and ease of openFrameworks. A big thank you for everyone who’s making this possible.

nice effect.
like how sometimes it can look like a topological map of some bizarre landscape.
the integrated native UI over OF is also nice.