MBTA Data Visualization

Just finished a project for the MassDOT developers challenge. They release data of card swipes for a 24 hour period. In about 5 days we created posters visualizing the trains traffic on all the MBTA lines. The conference was yesterday and we ended up winning second place.

We used OF to parse and visualize the data exporting everything to EPS. MassDOT has now just released some realtime data check it out here

more about the project here

Hey looks very nice!
Curious what the second image represents though.

You have the five lines but what do the size and number of rings / shape represent?


This is beautiful and, as a former Bostonian, relevant to my interests :slight_smile: Higher res images might be nice so people could read the titles better.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The shape looking images work like this:

built around a 24 hour clock each ring is a train station the thickness of the line represent the amount of people on the train at that time.