maybe a bug, maybe i don't know what i'm doing?

working through a bit of code to make it look all pretty on screen, i hit ‘tab’ to align output, and in another line i inserted ‘spaces’ – the line that i hit tab with, won’t display msgRx… hmm… here’s the code.

thanks… _J

//this one used 'tab' to align msgRx - doesn't display  
	monosm.drawString("full message:	"+msgRx, 15, 200);  
//this one used 'space' to align msgRx - displays fine  
	monosm.drawString("full message:    "+msgRx, 15, 210);  

that is a bug for sure —

sorry, we will take a look and consider how to deal with tabs. currently I think we just drop characters not visible and not space or newline.

we’ve got to look a bit at text stuff anyway, for supporting different languages, and will add this to the list.

thanks for pointing it out!